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BackBone Body Harness: Now available with up to 13 belts!

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

We loved our 6 belt BackBone Body Harness so much, but wanted more #bondagebelts so made it with eight. Then we loved that so much, we just had to go for broke and wanted to see how many #belts we could actually fit. Thirteen #Bondage belts! Holy moly, this thing is intense! For those who love tight #restraints, this is like wrapping your entire body in #leather! It's all held in place with our unique #BondageCollar that locks at the sides of the neck. It's available with red or black trim on the #collar, and includes 1 locking pin and 2 D rings on each of the belts plus one more D ring at the ankles for securing your subject to a table. Get yours @

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