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Leather Body Harness - BDSM - BONDAGE

Available in a 6, 8, or 13 belt design and black or red piping on the collar. Leather belts are 2" wide with locking pins, and held in place with our Backbone. The Backbone is a 2" leather strip with pockets (6/8 belts) or a complete two layer leather sandwich (13 belts) to hold the belts in place vertically, and is all secured in place with our specially designed collar that attaches on each side of the neck to eliminate an uncomfortable buckle behind the neck. The collar is also removable so you can use your own (up to) 2" collar or no collar at all. Collar is adjustable to fit 15"-20" neck. Comes with 2 D rings on each belt and one at the ankles to secure your subject to a table and 2 padlocks for the collar. We will email you for measurements once order is received. Note maximum belt length available is 70". Collar & BackBone available separately as well. To get just collar & BackBone without belts so you can use your own belts, select the number of belt pockets desired, and 0 for number of belts in the dropdowns.

Backbone Body Harness $199-$849

Collar accent color
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