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Pro Dommes and Doms

We offer an affiliate marketing opportunity for those of you interested in having others gift you with not only the items you'd like to have, but also give you credit towards your own purchase at the same time. 

The offer: 

Request an affiliate coupon code by emailing us at We will provide you with a coupon code to share/use/utilize any way you'd like. The coupon code will offer a 5% savings to anyone who uses it, and give you the same 5% in reward points that are redeemable @


To add another level of enticement:

Consider rewarding admirers who are exceptionally generous with a complimentary hotel stay at a 5 star resort from a number of venues around the world. You can offer an unlimited number of these rewards for only $347/yr. Before you ask...No, it's not a time-share thing and yes, you can use this to get your followers to take you on vacation! More info on this can be found here

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